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Friday, October 20, 2006

Ultra Magnus

Ultra Magnus is a fictional character of the Transformers Universes. Ultra Magnus is Commander of Autobot City on Earth. He was introduced in where he was voiced by Robert Stack. He was voiced by Banjou Ginga in the Japanese version of the television series. His basic robotic form - which forms his vehicle mode cab and is never seen in the original comic or cartoon series - is extremely similar to that of Optimus Prime.
Magnus is characterized by his no-nonsense attitude, his willingness to obey orders and his reluctance to take leadership himself. His robotic form is armored and armed with two missile
launchers in addition to a standard issue ion rifle. For a time following The Battle of Autobot City, and the death of Optimus Prime, Ultra Magnus became the leader of the Autobots. On his death bed, Optimus Prime gave Magnus the Autobot Matrix of Leadership. Magnus was blown apart in a Decepticon attack on the planet of Junk and lost the Matrix to Galvatron. He was reassembled and reawakened by the Junkions. Ultra Magnus relinquished command when Hot Rod recovered the Matrix from Galvatron and became Rodimus Prime, Ultra Magnus.
Ultra Magnus died fighting the Six-Changer Sixshot in the Japanese series Headmasters, Episode 24, "The Death of Ultra Magnus".
Transformers Series Robots in Disguise
His name in Japan is God-Magnus. He is the hot headed brother of Optimus Prime (Fire Convoy in Japan). When he arrived on Earth he scanned a transport truck as his vehicle mode. He is able to power-link with Optimus Prime to form Omega Prime (God Fire Convoy in Japan). When first introduced in the series he is openly hostile to Optimus Prime because he was given the
Matrix. Eventually the two made peace and were able to unleash the power of the Matrix as a team.
The character named Overload in his combined form was known as Ultra Magnus in the Japanese Continuty. This character provided additional firepower to Optimus Prime and could allow Prime to carry Jetfire, were he injured.
At the beginning of the Transformers: Energon toyline, the Armada Overload toy was repainted and re-released under the name Ultra Magnus. He did not make an appearance outside of the Energon toyline.