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Monday, December 25, 2006


Hummingbirds bear the most glittering
plumage and some of the most elegant adornments in the bird world. Male hummingbirds are usually brightly coloured. The females of most species are duller.
The names that admiring naturalists have given to hummingbirds suggest exquisite, fairylike grace and gemlike brilliance.
Fiery-tailed Awlbill, Ruby-topaz Hummingbird, Glittering-bellied Emerald, Brazilian Ruby, Green-crowned Brilliant, Festive Coquette, Shining Sunbeam, and Amethyst-throated Sunangel are some of the names applied to birds in this group.


Hummingbirds' wings beat very fast.They can beat their wings anywhere from 50 to 200 times per second!Their wings beat so fast that they make a humming sound.Actually,this was how hummingbirds got their name

Mini Helicopters
Hummingbiurds can move their wings very freely in any direction.this is another reason why they can fly like mini helicopters

Large Appetites
Hummingbirds breathe very fast and have a quick heartbeat.They use up so much energy that they need to eat large amounts of food.They feed every 10 to 15 minustes.In fact,hummingbirds have one of the largest appetites is the world of birds!