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Monday, April 30, 2007

MapleStory GuildPQ

The first ever MapleSEA Guild Competition is here! Bring honour and glory to your guild in this guild competition and battling for the first place!

How to get started

1. Gather your guild of at least 6 members, maximum 30 members.
Guild Leader will need to talk to Shuang at Victoria Road Excavation Map Site , to register the guild for the competition. (Bear in mind that your guild will be in queue if another guild has registered for the competition before you did)
3. After the registration, the whole guild will be brought into Sharenian, Excavation Site, where everyone will have to wait for 3 minutes to enter the portal

Hints and Tips for Guild Competition

1. Co-operation and coordination is a very major factor in this Guild Competition.
2. It's preferable to bring along members of various jobs and also someone not in the higher level range
3. The Guild Competition is around 90 minutes

repare yourself to fight the ultimate boss of this Guild Competition, Ergoth! Upon defeating him, move into the bonus stage and break as many boxes as possible for rewards for 30 seconds!