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Sunday, March 25, 2007

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Last news from Clint City..

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A retirement well deserved
After 6 long months of bitter fights, Dragan (Sentinel), Reine (Sakrohm), A Award (Sakrohm) and Skulflace (Sentinel) have finally find ways to leave Clint City and return to space where they'll be able to continue their quests. During a very moving farewell ceremony, Copper said that Dragan and his teammate would always be welcome among the Sentinel. The Sakrhom don't seem have the same feelings about Reine and A Award.
These characters will no longer be available in packs, starting march 31st 2007.
[Friday 23/03, 17:35]

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Be aware that the real Staff will never ask you for your password.

The All Stars are back in force with the arrivals of Marina the mind blowing gymnast with her elastic body and Frank the ultimate strategist. Meanwhile, the Montana clan is also growing and can now rely on Angelina, the best swindler ever seen and Giovanni, a cold and methodical hit-man. Can the sportsmen succeed?
These characters are available in the New Blood, Action and Danger packs.
[Friday 16/03, 16:54]

Miss Clint City
If you think that winning the Miss Clint City Title will weaken her, you're dead wrong! Even in her sexy bikini Miss Chloe remains as dangerous and tough as ever. This girl is full of surprises...
Miss Chloe is available right now in Action and New Blood packs.
[Friday 09/03, 17:53]