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Sunday, May 20, 2007

DarkStar Communications

Having a good server can enhance the service of a website. All gamers know the importance of server to their organization. At DarkStar Communications, gamers can be assured on the speed and reliability of Ventrilo Servers.

Founded in August of 2002, DarkStar Communications is a leader in voice communications, providing service for both Ventrilo and TeamSpeak. DarkStar Communications has over fifteen thousand satisfied customers who maintain a variety of services with them. DarkStar is committed to their customers. Because of their commitment, they are able to expand their business. Currently, DarkStar Communications is one of the largest providers of Ventrilo Servers on the Internet. Everyday, there are over 350,000 people who connect to their Ventrilo Servers. For more information of their Ventrilo Server , please visit their Ventrilo Servers page -- read more about features, test servers, daily specials, server locations and more!

The Services at DarkStar includes Game Servers, TeamSpeak Servers, Ventrilo Servers, Shell Accounts, IRC Accounts and Web Hosting. The best part of DarkStar is their 24 hour daily support, seven days a week and no holidays for them! This means that whenever you need help at any time of the day, there will always be there for you. Their staff are highly trained and experienced to assist you anytime!

DarkStar offers voice communication in 21 cities in 11 countries. Unlike most of their competitors, their systems are 100% automated and use completely in-house software. There are many reasons for you to use Ventrilo Servers. At DarkStar, you can even resell ventrilo hosting. Visit DarkStar Communications for more information and get your high quality Ventrilo Server now at an affordable prices!