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Thursday, May 03, 2007

O.o Urban Rivals o.O

Let the show begins!
They've arrived in Clint City and believe it or not, they aren't here to have fun... Please welcome the Freaks circus, featuring Boris the schizophrenic ringmaster, Graziella the sexy assistant and lover of Vassili the jealous knife thrower, and of course the siamese twin sisters Dacha Macha who can no longer stand to be called monsters. All these characters are available in Cool Attitude and New Blood packs in the shop.
[Friday 27/04, 16:56]
More prizes everyday!
Following the poll results, we changed the prize distribution for the daily tournaments, in order to reward 50 players instead of the current 25. From now on, the winner of the tournament gets 5% of the jackpot, second place gets 4%, third place receives 3%. Players in 4th and 5th place each receive 2%. Players from 6th to 25th all receive 1% of the pot and from 26th to 50th places, 0.5%. The rest is split equally among the remaining players. We are also adding credit prizes for the ELO tournament. All players in the top 25 will get 10 credits, players ranked from 26th to 100th will get 5 credits and all players above 1000 points will get 2 credits.
[Monday 23/04, 18:24]
It's time to say goodbye....
After 6 long months of bitter fights, Beltran (Roots), Jim (Uppers), Dwain (Nightmare) and Ambrose (Nightmare) will leave Clint City to take up new challenges elsewhere. These characters will no longer be available in packs, starting April 30th 2007.
[Monday 23/04, 18:20]
Counter attack!
The Junta Clan is back to enforce order and discipline. The new arrivals Tank the warrior and Myke the fighter pilot are rallying the troops again. The orders are simple: "Fight!" On the Pussycats side, the sexy stewardess Clara makes her entrance, and she's very hostile towards men, meanwhile Allan the dance floor king joins the Junkz Clan. The war is on! All these characters are available in New Blood, Action and Cool Attitude packs in the shop.
[Friday 13/04, 17:01]
Discover the new website!
You're one of the thousands who visit everyday. To welcome you even more, we have done a major update of the website! Now even better looking and easier to use, the new website has many new features, making the game more enjoyable. Click here to take a tour of all the new stuff!
[Friday 06/04, 22:43]
Street kings
The Bangers are back in Clint City's streets and no one feel safe anymore. Everyone's talking about Graff the uncontrollable vandal and Kevin the megalomaniac superstar. But Ulu Watu Clan don't give up and gets ready to counter attack with Hikiyousan the invincible defender of nature and the fast as lightning Jeff. Clint City is getting hot, no doubt about it... All these characters are available now in New Blood and Cool Attitude packs.
[Friday 30/03, 16:42]
A well deserved retirement
After 6 long months of bitter fights, Dragan Cr (Sentinel), Reine Cr (Sakrohm), A Award Cr (Sakrohm) and Skulflace Cr (Sentinel) have finally found ways to leave Clint City and return to space where they'll be able to continue their quests. During a very moving farewell ceremony, Copper said that Dragan Cr and his teammate would always be welcome among the Sentinel. The Sakrohm don't seem have the same feelings about Reine Cr and A Award Cr. These characters will no longer be available in packs, starting march 31st 2007.
[Friday 23/03, 17:35]
The All Stars are back in force with the arrivals of Marina the mind blowing gymnast with her elastic body and Frank the ultimate strategist. Meanwhile, the Montana clan is also growing and can now rely on Angelina, the best swindler ever seen and Giovanni, a cold and methodical hit-man. Can the sportsmen succeed? These characters are available in the New Blood, Action and Danger packs.
[Friday 16/03, 16:54]
Miss Clint City
If you think that winning the Miss Clint City Title will weaken her, you're dead wrong! Even in her sexy bikini Miss Chloe remains as dangerous and tough as ever. This girl is full of surprises... Miss Chloe is available right now in Action and New Blood packs.
[Friday 09/03, 17:53]
Girl Power!
Sexy and dangerous, the girls from Clint City are playing a major part in the clan wars. Following the path of Elya, the feared fighter from the Fang Pi Clang, Miss Twice quickly became one of the most important members of the GHEIST while Nahi and Page from Roots were associated to create an unstoppable commando. Can you resist their charms? All these characters are available now in the packs from the shop.
[Friday 02/03, 17:22]