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Thursday, October 11, 2007

The 3 Legendary Duel Masters Card(Crystal Times)

While exploring Crystal Times of 883,I discovered 3 abandoned packets of cards .It was then my life has gotten into the mysterious packets of cards.I was awaken by my family and I,Ricsson made their leader.Our mission buy the 3 Packet of Duel Masters cards from evils of the Crystal Times Shop.Richard,Peace,Ricsson,Clara,Cebest!!!!I wan to buy the 3 Legendary Duel Master cards!If you need a hero, Shobu(Main Character or Duel Masters TV Series),thats the name you should know!I wan to buy the 3 Packets Of DM cards!Come along with us to Buy!

In episode 1 of TV series DM :
Title:Soul Of Evils
Shobu was a Duel Masters beginner when his father died.He learnt how to play the Duel Masters card because his grandfather told him to go to He soul was playing Duel Masters all day now.Since he had the greatest card,Billion Degree Dragon.His 1st opponent was Bucket Man.He had King Stunami(12000DMG) and Bolshack Dragon.