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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Water Baby (Popularity 400)

While exploring Causeway of Singapore,I discovered 3 abandoned packs of water babies.It was then my life has gotten into the mysterious pack water babies.I was awaken by my family and I,Ricsson made their leader.Our mission buy the 3 packs of water babies from the evils of the Popular Book Shop.Richard,Peace,Ricsson,Clara,Cebest!!!!I wan to buy the 3 abandoned packs of water babies!If you need a hero, Popular book shop,thats the name you should know!I wan to buy the 3 Packets Of Water Babies!Come along with us to Buy!

I had gotten the 3 packets jus for $4.90 and another free 1 packet(orange) on the floor.God was looking and taking care of me again.I love him.In the name of the father of the son and of the holy spirit Amen.I thought i was going to be a buisness man as god's eyes is at me.I know I am full of holy words Amen.I hope you will be blessed.i sold 800 tiny little water baby @ $8.00.
8-4.9=3.1 Amen.I earned $3.10.Thank you God for all blessings believe in jesus@@@@@@@@