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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Online Casino

This is what a casino would look like.

There are many such machines in the casino.

Singapore is going to have its own Casino soon. For the past years, Singaporeans need to go Malaysia, Genting Highlands in order to get a feel of Casino. Gamblers in Singapore have to fly to various countries to gamble in Casino. There are Casinos in various countries such as Australia and Las Vegas, but all these countries are so far away. It takes time and money to fly to these countries. However, nowadays there are many online casinos.

Online Casinos worked just as well as the land-based versions. In the casino, there are many slots machines. As soon as you step into the Casino, you can help a lot of noise, those 'peeping' sound or 'talking' voice from the machine. You can smell smoke as well. The casino is 'smoky' in that of Genting Highlands, probably the place is much smaller and more crowded. In those of Las Vegas, it is much more spacious, though there are 'smoke' it is not as 'smoky' as those of Genting Highlands. There are many men as compared to women in the Casinos. This shows that men like to gamble more than women!

Why do these people love to go Casino? There are many games in the Casino. There are blackjack, poker, jackpot, bingo, keno, slingo, roulette, and many other cards games, dice games etc. These would explain why so many people love the Casino. Besides a wide variety of games, there is always a chance to win. It is thrilling to win. Many people want to earn fast and easy money at the Casino. They want to get it rich. As for me, I love to play the blackjack. It is fun to play blackjack and winning can be slow at first but if you are lucky, there is always a chance of 'double up' which I like most.

This is blackjack table. I love blackjack.

The roulette is another popular game in the Casino. You got to guess the numbers.

One thing good about online casinos is that we can play at the comfort of our home. There is no need to queue up for available game station. There is no need to walk round long distance especially if the casino is very big, in those land-version casinos. Online casino is all a click away. It is not 'smoky' nor is it noisy. At your own home, you can watch your TV and be playing your online casino games at the same time. Anytime when you are free, or when you feel that this is a lucky day for you, you can just go online to try your luck, win some money! Land-based version has the disadvantage of traveling time. By the time you reach the place, you feel so tired. Traveling is a waste of time and money too. is the Safest Online Casinos where there is No real money wagering required. At the site, you can play free games! This is what I like, free games, and don't need to download! I hate to download games. In addition, there are links to other fun places.