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Friday, October 12, 2007

SpiderMan 3 (Evils Of Worm Video)

This is a story of Spiderman 3's CD that I bought.

While exploring 883 of Singapore,I discovered an abandoned video shop.It was then my life has gotten into the mysterious CD.I was awaken by my family and I,Ricsson made their leader.Our mission buy the Spiderman 3 CD from evils of the Worm Video Shop.Richard,Peace,Ricsson,Clara,Cebest,GO!!!!I wan to buy the Spiderman 3 video!If you need a hero, Spiderman,thats the name you should know!I wan to buy the Spiderman 3 video!Come along with us to Buy!

That is the story of me like it ?

Worm Video aka 虫商店
The souls of evil is in the Spiderman 3 CD.It is very dangerous but i managed to survive watching I know it is God who is watching over me.That is why i never die.I love you God.
The Spiderman 3 was a nice show.I borrowed it for money from Worm Video(Soul Of Evils)
When Peter Parker nearly died in the hands of the evils,Venom and Sandman,Peter Parker's Friend,Harry Osborn aka The New Goblin saved him.He was killed by venom.But Peter Parker eventually killed the Evils Of Worm Video.Venom and Sandman.They had a happy ending because Peter Parker's best friend Harry Osborn was dead.