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Thursday, November 01, 2007

Ni De Di Yi [My Best Song]

By:Maple Fantasy(ME)
Credits goes to WarriorLux(ME) or YouTube

This is my favourite show theme song i like to hear it.
First of all,this song rocked.I heard it in Channel 8
the show is called Tian Xia Di Yi.I liked 1 character.
The name of the character is Guihai Yidao.He is the singer
for the song also.My most disliked characters are,Duan Tianya
his face looked like shit and second,The Duke he is a traitor of
The Emperor and his love one is an old aged shit folk.
In the last episode Yidao,Tianya and Cheng Shifei teamed
up to kill the Duke.I thought they will kill the Duke.But his powerful
skills are too strong.Then,Shifei's wife came to save them she told Shifei
that there is another Golden Warrior for him to become as he had used
the Skill for his 5th time.It will turn him Golden and as strong as Metal
In the end they fought for 1 week and 7 nights.Shifei's wife was very worried
so she had no choice but to kill Shifei's beloved mother aka Duke's loved one.
Shifei's wife took her head and show it to Duke.Duke died of it.It was
pathetic for Duke to die like that.
For the the lyrics :
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