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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

:: BannedStory Official Site ::

Here's the link(Its called MapleSim)

About MapleSim :

MapleSim gives you a free maplestory character simulator called 'BannedStory'. The current version in that website is BannedStory 2. It is mostly for making animations/videos.

The Requirements :

  • A screen resolution of 1024x768 or above.
  • JavaScript enabled.
  • Flash Player 9 or above.

If you do not meet ONE of the requirements, you can only use BannedStory 1. You can try BannedStory 2. It will blink or something. Here is the download link for BannedStory 1.

Download 'FULL' and 'PATCH' and you can use it ^^

Just to add my comment on MapleSim( BannedStory 2 ) :
It helped me with my videos.(WARRIORLUX of YouTube)
It helped me impress myself ==
And I think more people should know it. Thats why I'm posting it.

I hope my post helped.
If it does, please link ^.^