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Thursday, November 08, 2007

MapleStory News : @Cash Cards

This MapleSEA @Cash card is a
limited edition card.Expires on 1st July 2009.
20,000:I bought it in a 7-11 outlet.I bought a
Cute little penguin with ear phone and a cool
jacket for myself.I bought 2 Gacha tickets.
1 of them,I used it on Henyses.I got a Red Viper.
The other,I used on kerning.I got a lousy food(+ATT)
This cash card is nice so I recommend you,YES you to buy
it.Its very nice.

This is another card which i did not buy.
I dislike 10k cards.I rather have limited edition 20k
or 30k.You can have more items to by with them.
i really dislike 10k cards because they only allow you
to buy a little amount of NX