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Sunday, November 04, 2007

NewGrounds Report : Young man making Pro MapleStory Simulators

This is NewGrounds Live Reporting to you.

Young man making Simulators and the latest but haven
uploaded is zakum simulator.Yes,He indeed have talent.
He rock.But why did he close his blog? Lets ask.

News Reporter(NR):DrkGodz why did u close down your Blog?
DrkGodz:Cos it sucked

So,he closed down his blog cos it sucked.He had completed 2
Simulators Lately and I,WarriorLux owned them all.It was easy.

His location is in a trash can.I find it rather interesting so stay tuned to
NewGrounds Report on RaKiOn EXE !!

My Youtube acc Favourite Videos.Its not mine this time.