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Saturday, November 03, 2007

Y8 Games Lesson : Deep Frozen Love


If you dunno how to do here it is.

Level1 (Click the square thingy)

Level2(Its up to you to do it)Carve the shape following the outline
with the mouse.

Sample :

The blue outline is the 1 that u haven carve
the orange outline is the 1 that u carved.
You cursor is the orange spark.Carve until all
the outlines are all orange.

Its up to you again.You need to type the letters
correctly before the time runs out.You need to type fast.
Its up to you.

Click the face rapidly as fast as you can.
Don't stop.After awhile,you win.
Well Done.xD


Level5:Change the face until the bar from red turns to green.
(Click Done when you are finished)

And youre done! If you like my Y8 Game Lessons
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