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Friday, November 09, 2007

MapleStory News : Greatest KS Wars and Boss Fights

(KS WAR)First Fight:Ossaris(TEAM) VS Pokatea(TEAM)

Ossaris and his team VS Pokatea and his team
what a great KS war!

(KS WAR)Second Fight:Random BIG KS WAR

A random KS WAR quite big but i should say it
rather 'small'

(Boss Fight)Third Fight:IGFusion(TEAM) VS SHOWA BOSS

IGFusion,The maplesea 2nd best hermit has came to defeat one of the best bosses
in the world!SHOWA BOSS!!!!!!!!!!

(Boss Fight)Fourth Fight:Chief Bandit(Solo) VS THE 1 AND ONLY ZAKUM

A chief bandit hacking to kill zakum i dun call it a 'fight' but ill show it.

(Boss Fight)Fifth Fight:Crusader(Solo) VS THE MOST UNBEATABLE HORN TAIL!!!!

The final battle of life and death.This crusader have the guts to kill the unbeatable horn tail.I will say it as good as the 1st KS WAR.

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