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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Dragon Fable

Here's the link

About Dragon Fable / What I think about it :

DragonFable is a Free Web RPG. My current warrior level is 3 and I deleted my Lv10 Mage. The reason I deleted it is because I like warriors better than mages. Mages are harder to train but better attacks. I do not have the Dragon Amulet(Need to buy) as it is expensive. If you have the Dragon Amulet, you can change colour of your character, make 6 characters instead of 3, and do fun quests to level up fast !!! I do not have a pet so, I am using Twily. I am still stuck in Oaklore though, it's tough to defeat the sea monsters! Dragon Fable is fun but if i is an Online RPG, It'll be definitely very fun to play.