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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Very Angry Mapler

This guy,luk5indlt of MapleSea, insulted 3 people. I hate him. Though he did not insult me, I saw him abusing and saying bad words to 3 people. Thats why, I decided to screen shot him. If you every saw him, I think you will also start a quarrel...He think that he is the best Mapler ever. He boasted that he have very high damage for such low level. He even boasted that with such low level, he can kill the maplestory boss, Horned Tail. The 3 people did not talk back and they are very kind. They said that they were going to report him for harassment. I helped them to defame him. Before defaming him, his fame was -42. I think besides that 3 people he abused, he also abused more people.... There are a lot of people like him but I cant list them. I wish maplestory won't have those bastard so we can have lots of peace.