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Sunday, November 18, 2007

GrandChase Characters

1. Elesis:The Knight


Likes:Tough combats

Dislikes:Easy combats

Elesis is a Knight. When she was young, she was trained as a warrior by her father who was also a Knight. Her father was a member of a troop, going after KazeAaze. After which there were no clues to the former troop’s whereabouts and not even a word from her father. With the love she had for her father, she had decided to find her father’s whereabouts and joined Grand Chase to capture KazeAaze.

Characteristic : She is known for her powerful attacking skills and her sword techniques to slash her enemy as quick as a flash. Elesis is capable of 80% defense rating when dealing with Archers’ arrows. Elesis is a formidable character.

2. Lire:The Elf


Likes:Everything that a spirit possesses

Dislikes:Monsters, especially UGLY monsters

Lire is an elf. The elves are known for their combat abilities but are a loving species; therefore, they are strongly against wars of the continent. To help with the investigation of the mysterious affairs of the continent of Bermesiah, the elves came to be aware that all these years of destruction were caused by KazeAaze. The elves master thus assigned Lire to join the assistant troop to be of assistance in hunting down KazeAaze.

Characteristic: She is notable for her long-distance attacking skills and accurate shooting towards the approaching enemies. Her weakness is that she can be easily chased by Knights. However, this can be a reversal for arrow attacking in some features. If you are skilled in controlling the angle of an arrow and you are protected by Knights in the game, Lire is the best recommended character. 2-step running jump is her best specialty.

3. Arme:The Mage


Likes:Magic Researches

Dislikes:Disruption during her magic research

Arme is a student of magician. She has an extraordinary gift as a magician, seeing that she is capable in handling Black or White Magic. In spite of her young age, she is a very talented magician. Noticing that KazeAaze can lay powerful black magic and the thoughts of competing against him has given her a goal. Therefore she joined Grand Chase to face the magical power of KazeAaze.

Characteristic: Her Offensive Level Spell (black magic) and Defensive Level Spell (white magic) are the ideal magician’s spells. If someone playing her character charges her MP to extreme, you had better escape from her sight. Her spell attack will be so strong that it will be more than a match for you. For just one shot, powerful Lighting Bolt and Reverse Gravity can easily piss you off!