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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

GrandChase Game Guide 2

Aha..the old 1 was very old so I had to make a new 1...

Now,more people know how to do 5 Paradom..
but suck,15 exp...

25 mb is better or try the new Partusay Sea and get the Map 3!

(Me IGN is ZCandyKnight)
Grand Chase Game Guide 2 :

Partusay Sea
There are 3 parts you need to hit to kill Partusay
these are;the leg,hand and head.
Ask warriors to attack leg while mage uses meteor..archer will shoot the arrow on Partusay's head.Partusay is also a mage.Sometimes,he uses meteor.If the meteor attacks you,dun think is your mage attacked you and it is not a glitch.

MB 25
As you know,the captain blahblahblah can teleport.I have a very special way to kill it.Only archers and mages :P Warriors can attack raccoon and when they have the energy to use D3athBlow 3 use it on the Captain.Dun you worry if you miss.You just go on fighting Raccoons again.Mage,hide in somewhere if the Raccoons attack you,the Warriors are not doing a very good job.Mage when you can use D3athBlow 3 use it!Keep healing your energy and use it again and again.Archers,just shoot Raccoons or the Captain..

Spear Fragments(For GP Quest Scroll not cash)
Only available in Monster Expedition.1 by 1,collect until 300.Fight Paradoms.They are easy to kill.Allow only 3 ppl.If there is more than 3,there will be some problem and sometimes you wont get you spear fragment.